It’s high time to recreate your lost personality as we have lost our mental and sensible strength after becoming alcoholic up to the peak. It is the right time to raise your level and make yourself free like a Bird because weed is exploiting the society individual up to the deepest instinct. We are suddenly drowning in the dark side of life which is full of cons and only cons as-

One is losing the personality….

One is losing the mental and physical strength…..

One is becoming inactive day by day just because of weed habit.

But, friends now we have the key to unlock the door as “NASHA MUKTI KENDRA OF DELHI” raised their voice against the serious cause and providing a residence to the patient who are suffering from this dangerous habit of taking drugs regularly because they feel that youth is getting exploit because of weed at the deepest level and if it continues similarly they will lose themselves in this crucial and clever world.